chivo guisado (braised goat, dominican style)!!

hola! today i have another dish from my dominican cookbook, cocina criolla dominicana by estela aristy.  this is chivo guisado or braised goat. goat is one of my favorites, but until last week i had never tried cooking it. i was scared by the prospect of cooking goat, but the final product was worth it. 

i wrote the recipe in two parts (both below), the first is the marinade and the second the cooking process. 

here is the recipe for chivo guisado/braised goat!!

the marinade

2lbs of goat meat
1 large (or 3 small) sour orange
2 tbs of worcestershire sauce
2 bay leaves
1 large white onion
a bunch of cilantro
a bunch of green onions
2 garlic cloves
salt to taste
3 tbs of oregano 

cut the goat into smaller pieces. do not trim the fat - it ads flavor.  wash the goat with plenty of water. 

cut up the chives, cilantro and onions. 

so great news, i found my mortar! yay! i will take a moment to apologize to the irishman for blaming him of losing it. i am sorry handsome, i will make you dinner to make up for it. 

ground the garlic, oregano and salt.

until you get a paste.

mix together the sour orange juice, onions, cilantro, green onions, bay leaves, worcestershire sauce, oregano/salt/garlic paste plus an extra teaspoon of salt.  cover and let it rest for a few hours to overnight. 

i let my goat marinating overnight to ensure a ton of flavors. the next day, i got all of my ingredient together (yup, totally better pictures the next day since i was using actual daylight).

marinated goat meat
2 tbs of oil
1 tbs of brown sugar
2 tbs of tomato paste 

check out the marinated meat!  

in a heavy skillet, heat up the oil and cook the sugar until it turns a caramel color but not burnt.

add the meat, reserving the marinate.  

the reason to cook the sugar before adding the meat is because that cooked sugar will add a nice brown color to the goat. 

turn the goat to make sure all sides are browned. 

next, add the marinade. 

and the tomato paste.

add water to the goat, bit by bit and cook covered until the goat is tender - about an hour. 

taste and adjust the salt if needed. the final product should have tender goat and a concentrated sauce. this is what the goat looked like:

the goat has a very earthy flavor.  i remember having goat at home on only on special occasions, birthdays and the like.  because goat was not an every day dish i always had this idea that it was a difficult and confusing dish but as you can see, and i learned last week, making goat is actually really easy.

you can pair the goat with some white rice and fried green plantains.

i really enjoyed this meal.  let me know how it comes out if you make it at home. 

thanks for stopping by!!

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